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Our family weekend getaways revolved around the opera. My parents would choose a destination depending on the show they wanted to go to, and make a weekend out of it. I was very young and the operas really long, and I would always end up falling asleep halfway through. But the moment we would first walked into the theater was like entering an enchanted world.

My most mesmerizing experience was Giuseppe Verdi's Traviata in the Arena di Verona (my mother's favorite destination because it was always combined with a great seafood meal in one of her favorite restaurants.) It was a breezy summer night, and we were given a candle at the entrance. Once lit, our candles joined thousands of others, then three gongs, and shortly after, the music started. Someone in the crowd shouted enthusiastically "bravo maestro" and the rest was magic. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the grandiosity of this open air theater, and by this weird sense of closeness to the rest of the audience, the atmosphere was simply unforgettable. Suddenly, halfway through, it started pouring, but everyone stood there standing, clapping, waiting for it to pass and for the show to start again. I get shivers again thinking about it. It was pure euphoria. From that evening on I was hooked. 

My favorite venues

Arena di Verona (the Verona Opera Festival was founded 1913 and every summer presents some of the most beautiful shows) 

Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania (pictured)

Teatro San Carlo in Naples

Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice

Teatro Regio in Torino

Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza

Teatro Bibiena in Mantova

Teatro Dell'Opera in Roma

Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo
The opera season generally runs from October to April. 

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