Sunday’s are made for movies, big lunches and evening strolls.. if you haven’t watched Federico Fellini’s movies yet this is a great day to start.. What he created is so unique - after watching his movies you will find yourself using the term “Felliniesque” to describe a scene or a real life moment that feels so weird and dreamlike and at the same time so real. No one used the language of dreams better than him to describe society and the human nature.

Let’s get you started with 🎥
8 1/2
La Dolce Vita
I Vitelloni
La Strada



If you don’t know who he is it’s time to find the closest book store (we're big fans of physical copy) and put on your reading glasses.🤓 Italo was one of Italy's most influential writers of the twentieth century —the peculiarity and uniqueness of his writing lies in the attempt to link fantasy and adventure narrative to a reflection on contemporary society: his novels, clever and ironic, hide within them heartfelt judgments about the condition of the man of our time and teach us a life lesson every step of the way. We take his writing to heart as he is the one who taught us: “Take life lightly, that lightness is not superficiality, but gliding over things from above not having boulder on the heart”❤️

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Il Barone Rampante
Amori Difficili
Le Città Invisibili
Il Visconte Dimezzato
Orlando Furioso
Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore

Gianni Agnelli

Italy is a state of mind, a way of life, a way to enjoy life and no one lived it better than Gianni Agnelli, “L’Avvocato” (The Lawyer) a man who lived courageously and set standards — the great Italian automobile tycoon left a big imprint not only on men’s style but on Italy’s as a whole. Italian charm, consistency and weakness were embodied in Gianni Agnelli. There was nothing he couldn’t get and no one he couldn’t seduce..Wherever you are in the world embrace your joy for life and wear your watch over your sleeve



There are only few things that get the Italians to agree; the World Cup, pasta and Sophia Loren —The quintessential Italian woman not only for her work, for which she received worldwide recognition but also for her iconic inner and outer beauty which is to this day considered an example of Italian woman; elegant, brunette, curvaceous, confident, strong willed, with a great sense of humor and a great smile. A woman, an idol for many, who dedicated her life to the art of cinema and that strongly showcased her absolute love for her country, Italy!

Our favorite Loren 🎥
La Ciociara
Pane, Amore e..
Una Giornata Particolare
Matrimonio All Italiana
Ieri, Oggi, Domani